Healthy vegan lunch or snack that only takes 10 minutes!

10 minute grilled lettuce and avocado salad

I am loving grilled lettuce right now. And loyal blog readers, you're going to hear allllll about it. This simple little recipe is just intended to ease you in. Grilling your lettuce is such a … {Read More...}

Mediterranean flavors baked into quinoa. An easy to make vegetarian dinner - works as a main dish or a side!

Roasted vegetable & feta cheese quinoa bake

You may have noticed - and I'm sure I've said it before - but my default midweek dinner starts with pasta. Any time I can't think what to make... my eyes just wander on up to the jars of pasta on the … {Read More...}

Super tasty oven baked wedges and a home made truffle mayonnaise? Treat yo'self!

Garlic sage potato wedges with truffled mustard mayonnaise

Bar food, how I love thee. Fries, dips, chips, onion rings, croquettes, nachos, all those fun little snacky things. Sadly, bar food menus heavily feature meaty stuff that I don't eat, but in my Dream … {Read More...}

Vegetarian recipes