A healthy, energizing breakfast smoothie.

Hazelnut Maca Mocha Breakfast Smoothie

I am always bemused when I go to Starbucks. The biggest coffee chain, like, in the world, and people are primarily drinking... milkshakes. I don't care if there's a shot of espresso buried in there, … {Read More...}

One for the fancy cheese lovers! Cambozola (blue brie) makes a creamy, delicious one pot stovetop mac and cheese!

Blue brie & spinach mac and cheese

Blue brie! Have you tried it? It also goes by the name cambozola. There are probably other variations too. Cambozola is the one I buy because, well, it's £1.94. Thank you, Waitrose Essentials. … {Read More...}

A great lower-GI alternative to mashed potatoes! I couldn't believe how creamy and comforting bean mash can be. These are packed with roasted garlic and cheddar cheese for maximum flavor.

Roasted garlic, cheddar & olive oil white bean mash

Whenever there is any suggestion of white starches and carbs being bad, I basically put my hands over my ears and go "la la la I can't hear you la la la" because I will never live in a world without … {Read More...}

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